back in august, i went to kazakhstan for a week, came back on a sunday and school started on tuesday. before i had left, the town was empty, work was busy and when i returned the town was overflowing and school was busy. it was if i’d come back to a completely different place.

for the past week, north carolina (in particular charlotte and the triangle area) having been trying to recover from an ice storm that knocked out power for over a million people, some for a full week. on the night of the ice storm, i was at strongs till midnight, working, chatting with friends, attending to final projects. and now, school is over, work is fairly busy, winter break approaches.

meanwhile i’m ravenously reading about cars online, thinking maybe picking one up for myself. my favs: vw jetta and the mini cooper. (not sure it’s exactly “me,” but i like that new nissan 350z too)

be traveling to austin for winter break next week, which should be nice. haven’t seen the fam since graduation and haven’t been in austin since last winter break. guess i really am a north carolina resident. should start placing bets now how long i plan to stay through measure phase II.

lastly, there’s a good chance i may be traveling to cambodia in late january. that could be fun… maybe? (where is cambodia you say? oh, south of china, bordering thailand, laos, and vietnam)

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