from dec5 908p: power on, internet off

something about not having access to email makes me feel lonely. i guess that access represents a certain promise that something wonderful may be dropped into my inbox.

having no access to email is like i am purposefully cutting myself off from human interaction.

eventually i should get a cell phone or something. but email has these unique qualities that make it unlike other types of communication: the potential to be stylistically literate, the ability to communicate something to someone immediately as you think it, the ability to communicate without needing to disrupt what someone else is doing. (and of course the ability to communicate something that would otherwise be intimidating in person)

considering all of my strange idiosyncrasies, email fits amazingly into my lifestyle. not having a cellphone means i still can go out into the world and labor under the illusion that i am unreachable, that i am alone and isolated, and sometimes that is nice. nice that i can have an experience and not be interrupted, and not feel anxious about being ‘out of touch’ because being interrupted is not even vaguely a possibility, except by my interaction with the experience itself.

of course cellphone ubiquity is reaching maximum saturation. soon the concept of privacy without interruption will be…unthinkable.

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