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High Sierra camping with Matthew

My brother’s visit in July afforded us the rare opportunity to go backpacking together, just the two of us. He’s not done much camping, and I’ve never been backpacking in bear country, so to ease our apprehension, I booked us three nights at Yosemite’s Merced Lake High Sierra Camp. From what I had read, it offers a “backpacking experience without the backpack”—they provide tent cabins and do all the cooking. Sounded pretty great to me.

North Dome and Half Dome in Yosemite National Park
North Dome and Half Dome from the valley

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Take me out to the ballpark

While my brother Matthew was in town last month, he took me and Stephanie out to a SF Giants game. I can’t even remember the last time I attended a baseball game (perhaps the Durham Bulls back in NC?), but more importantly, it was Stephanie’s first baseball game ever.

We had a lot of fun before the game asking her to explain the rules as she vaguely understood them:

“So the thrower throws the ball to the hitter, and then the hitter tosses the bat away with a dramatic flourish, and then he runs off somewhere…”

Even though the Giants ended up losing 0-1 in the end, we had a great time watching the game, watching the people watching the game, and indulging in all of our stadium food guilty pleasures: chicken fingers with fries, hot dogs, beer, and Ghirardelli hot chocolate.

Justin with Stephanie at her first baseball game: San Francisco Giants vs Chicago Cubs
Justin and Stephanie at a Giants game

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An impromptu Christmas in Austin

Several months ago, when we were booking our flights for the holidays, it seemed to make sense to skip our annual pilgrimage to Austin in order to see my family at a cousin’s wedding in St. Louis between Christmas and New Year’s. But when Stephanie learned last week that she could work from home before and after Christmas, it didn’t seem right to stick in San Francisco while my family was at home in Austin. I’m all for feeding that first-born spirit of making my own traditions, but frankly, the holidays are best spent with family (a chance I only get once or twice a year). So we decided that if we could afford to change our flights, we would. And we did.

Unfortunately mother nature didn’t quite get the memo, so on Sunday, our newly booked flight to Austin was canceled due to weather just after we got through airport security. To make a long story short, we got to Austin after midnight, an arduous 5 hours later than planned, but all that matters is—we got to Austin. Which meant we were able to spend a lovely Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my family.

Christmas 2012 family photo
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night

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