Sandwich Américain

Stephanie told me that during college in Nice, when funds were low, she would occasionally treat herself to an “American Sandwich” because it was cheap and very filling. The funny thing is, the Sandwich Américain doesn’t really exist in the US, outside of the occasional TGI Friday’s promotion. Which is all the more reason I HAD to have one during our recent trip to France.

So what’s a Sandwich Américain? Start with half a baguette, cut open and filled with lettuce, tomatoes, Gruyère or Emmental, add browned ground beef (steak haché), and finish with french fries—on top! Fear not, I took pictures.

Sandwich Américain
Le one-and-only, Sandwich Américain

Stephanie eating a sandwich Américain
Stephanie digs in (I love the sign: Le Petit or The Big)

A half-eaten Sandwich Américain
I added “barbecue” sauce to mine

Update: My sister Katie had her first sandwich américain in Saint-Malo.

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