you should be cool doing nothing

I was the one who said it (IMed it actually), but I can’t take credit for thinking to immortalize it on a sticker. That was all Jonathan.

Actually I think he wanted a t-shirt.

you should be cool doing nothing

It’s the perfect ironic response to every tech support question. Of course in Jonathan’s case, I was being completely serious.

Update: discontinued in favor of “If God was pro-life…



woo! order #: 35182637

(one of) the best part is that w/ no punctuation to muddy up the works, this can be interpreted many a way… A true zen koan of tech advice, or any advice.

is doing nothing inherently more cool than doing? Or should I seek to act cool while I’m doing, nothing.

ha, I beatcha: order #35182420. koan indeed.


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