Neatlinks wordpressification

Since I started my neatlinks sidebar in January 2003, it has been powered by Blogger. I’ve wanted to incorporate it into WordPress forever, but as I’d constructed things (dynamically including the static files created by Blogger into WordPress) things just worked.

Well, Blogger is now well into its 3rd incarnation since I started blogging, and though it’s receiving some much needed polish, the new features are nothing that I need. In fact the only reason I stuck with them for so long was inertia and their excellent BlogThis bookmarklet (which I modded).

What I did

Upgraded to WordPress 2.1.

I used Ady Romantika’s excellent Import New Blogger To WordPress Plugin to import my 3322 neatlinks! This took about an hour.

Ady even added a feature so I could easily run my Haloscan comment importer and grab the 829 comments related to neatlinks.

Still to do:

  • Improve WordPress’s “Press It” bookmarklet to be more like BlogThis (anyone have any suggestions if this has already been done?)
  • Autogen titles/post-slugs for title-less posts (why doesn’t WP do this natively?) See: WordPress ticket #3794
  • Improve neatlink permalink page style (bigger font) font size the same, but hid the titles, and limited next/prev to just neatlinks, effectively creating a blog within a blog
  • Add back in the fading color scale
  • Skip over neatlinks in the next/prev chronology (if it’s even possible…) Yup, just skip the category
  • Create neatlinks/non-neatlinks feeds
  • Improve style of neatlinks on homepage
  • Redirect old feed (neatlinks/atom.xml) to main
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