Resizable Form Fields for Firefox

Update: I’m no longer interested in maintaining Resizable Form Fields, which was based on an early version of Raik Jürgens’ Resizeable Textarea, which he’s apparently decided to continue supporting into Firefox 3. So I’m removing all download links to my extension of his extension, but leaving the post here for posterity.

Firefox LogoIt’s that time of year again: updating the essential Resizeable Textarea plugin (which seems to have been abandoned by its creator, Raik Jürgens) so that it works with the latest version of Firefox.

Jeremy Zawodny carried the torch during Firefox 1.5, and I just discovered through Asa Dotzler that John Baker has done the honors by upping the maxVersion for Firefox 2 (though it’s hard to find).

There’s two obvious things that the plugin doesn’t do that I’ve always wished it did: resize select boxes and single line text boxes and iframes. So this afternoon I popped open the hood and made it happen. I’m also going to submit it to so it has a more permanent home.

Links to download Resizable Form Fields have been removed.


If you do a lot of blogging, you might be interested in my other Firefox plugin, Copy as HTML Link, which copies the selected text and the URL together as an HTML link.

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