Resizable Form Fields for Firefox

Update: I’m no longer interested in maintaining Resizable Form Fields, which was based on an early version of Raik Jürgens’ Resizeable Textarea, which he’s apparently decided to continue supporting into Firefox 3. So I’m removing all download links to my extension of his extension, but leaving the post here for posterity.

Firefox LogoIt’s that time of year again: updating the essential Resizeable Textarea plugin (which seems to have been abandoned by its creator, Raik Jürgens) so that it works with the latest version of Firefox.

Jeremy Zawodny carried the torch during Firefox 1.5, and I just discovered through Asa Dotzler that John Baker has done the honors by upping the maxVersion for Firefox 2 (though it’s hard to find).

There’s two obvious things that the plugin doesn’t do that I’ve always wished it did: resize select boxes and single line text boxes and iframes. So this afternoon I popped open the hood and made it happen. I’m also going to submit it to so it has a more permanent home.

Links to download Resizable Form Fields have been removed.


If you do a lot of blogging, you might be interested in my other Firefox plugin, Copy as HTML Link, which copies the selected text and the URL together as an HTML link.

Feel free to if you found this useful.


Jesse Pelton

An elegant extension! My only quibble (in five minutes of use) is that it does not allow me to resize inputs that lack a type attribute. According to the HTML 4.01 specification, the default type of an <input> is “text,” so such inputs should be resizeable.

Jesse, thanks, great catch. I forgot about that. Fixed in v0.2.1, also removed the vertical grips from the bottoms of input boxes which don’t need to be resized vertically.

Cool. This is the first time I’ve installed it. Works great!

Maimon Mons

Looks great! Why no home page set in the extension?

Maimon Mons, fixed.


With “In Firefox 2…” you mean this extension won’t work in Fx 1.5?

Asgard, nope it should work fine with v1.5 as well as v2.0 (I’ve changed the blog post to reflect that). It will not work with Firefox v1.0 due to changes in how extensions are packaged.

Steve England

Works great here, except when i increase the font size. Then the arrows to grab the textarea appear up the page rather than on the boundaries of the input.

Jesse Pelton

OK, Justin, since you upped the ante (and promptly to boot), here’s another quibble: I see a diagonal resize arrow when I hover over the lower right corner of a single-line text input. This usually means that a box can be made taller or wider, rather than just wider.


Thank you! One of the most useful add-ons now finally is compatible with Firefox 2.0. Great work!

Raik Jürgens

i have meet a girl last year, witch has thoroughgoing emotional problems. this has engaged me four months and at the end leaves me burned out.
i am now half the way for the new version
so i had no time an energy, to proceed with version 0.2 of my extension.
i ask here for co-development now.

regards, Raik (“Resizeable Textarea 0.1a”)

Jesse, no problem. I dropped the diagonal resize grip on single line text boxes. Also added the ability to resize <iframe>s (which is great for WordPress users). And I fixed a bug that was hiding the resize grips under absolutely positioned elements.

You can get all these changes in v0.2.2 here or from once the new version is approved.

Steve, yeah, if you change the font size of a page, you’ll probably have to reload the page to get the grips to reposition themselves correctly. I’ll look into making that happen automatically.

Raik, welcome back. I sent you an email at your old address, but maybe you didn’t get it. Feel free to email me if you’d like to merge my improvements into your working version.

Maimon Mons

Doesn’t seem to work on wikipedia when trying to edit an article. :-(

great work, very helpfull


Justin, now it works so it might have been some glitch with the page loading. I saw that in 1.1 a few times.

I love the extension, but it only *sometimes* works for me. Until I can try some test cases, that’s all I can say, but periodically I’ll tab in or tab out of a tab and the page will allow resize, sometimes it doesn’t.

Any one else seeing irregularly applied resize options?

I don’t know because I haven’t tested it, but does it work when a size is specified in px for the input in the CSS?


One annoying this is that option lists can now be resized which happens easily for me when targeting the drop down button, often making the list box smaller so it disappears :(


Thanks for your work on updating this useful plugin. My only request is for some sort of Options screen to allow which pieces one may want on or off. Personally I find that the addition for dropdown boxes to be a little annoying, but I’m sure others love it. For me, I always end up clicking on the corner of the box instead of the dropdown marker, and then end up resizing the box accidentally. An option screen work be perfect to combat this. Thanks again!


Hi, I am Italian, and I am the guy who localize the description of Resizable Textarea. If you need some new Italian translations for the next versions, please let me know. Send request via e-mail at this address: pedro_nospam[at]extenzilla_nospam[dot]org… obviously without [_nospam] :)
Bye bye


I’ve been using this extension for a while, and its been great. However, since upgrading from Firefox-1.5.x to 2.0, the extension doesn’t seem to work on any websites. It doesn’t even work on the comment box on this page.

Another odd problem is that while this page claims that version 0.2.2 is the latest, when I install that version (from this page), I end up with version 0.2.1.

Anyone else seeing these problems? thanks.

PW, Jason: I’ll work on minimizing the resize grip hotspots, and perhaps moving them off of the select box button slightly to prevent accidental conflict. Or perhaps I should just remove the corner and horizontal grips (which present the greatest opportunity for conflict with the select button).

Netllama, I accidentally forgot to bump the version number in the extension I made available from here. Should be fixed now. I’m currently using the plugin (freshly installed) on FF2 and it works for me. Perhaps you have another plugin that is conflicting with it?

Updated to v0.2.3. Changes include:
* removed corner and horizontal grip from selects
* reduced grip width from 5 pixels to 4
* prevent resizing width and height less than 20px
* stop creating grips for file inputs
* changed spelling of Resizeable to Resizable

Outstanding bugs:
* Conflict between grips in different tabs. Test: open up a new Firefox window, open two tabs and load Google in both. You can resize the text box in the second tab, but then if you try to resize the text box in the first tab, nothing visible happens—instead the text box in the second is resized. There seems to be an extension/pointer/scope issue of some kind. Any extension gurus out there have any thoughts?


My suspicion is that the array you have created (TA) is shared between all tabs rather than there being one array/tab. I’m not a javascript programmer, but this would suggest that you shouldn’t have the | TA: new Array(),| in the
global variable.


I’d like to download this new version… but I want to know first: Have you checked if there’s a conflict with the spell checker? 0.2.1 broke my FF2 spell checker…

I also had a very irregular experience with 0.2.1 version and textareas. Where the old resizeable textarea worked, your extension sometimes worked sometimes didn’t.


I was close!!

You set up the TA on a pageload which you try to remember for use in activate. But, of course, this
only keeps one tabs form information available – the most recently loaded page.

The old software enumerated the form fields in
activate and, indeed, if I copy the code that builds
TA from pageload into activate then the extension works again! ie you can’t just delete

resizeTa.TA = resizeTa.doc.getElementsByTagName('TEXTAREA');

from activate.

nonhocapito, I haven’t experienced any conflict with the built in FF2 spellchecker. If you’ve got a reproducible bug test case, please feel free to describe it here.

John, brilliant. Yes of course. I removed that when I originally added the ability to resize text fields, because its purpose was not immediately obvious to me. Is is just me or is event-driven, JavaScript code really hard to read?

In any event, I’ve fixed the problem in v0.2.4 which seems to entirely eliminate the conflict when multiple tabs are open.

If you’ve installed any versions from the v0.2.x series, I highly recommend upgrading to v0.2.4.


justin, just wanted to let you know that the problem is gone with 0.2.4, so i’m happy now. thanks!


I haven’t looked very closely but
can you double check that TAlength shouldn’t be set in activate as well – or in load instead of pageload.

John M. Dlugosz

An awsome extension!

I found a site that it didn’t work on:
I get the EW arrow cursor, but doesn’t drag. Trying again, the EW-arrow goes away after one try and now it doesn’t show anymore.

(Ironically, it works but doesn’t help in this entry box)

Philip Chee

version 0.2.4 now works on Firefox trunk builds (Minefield 3.0a) with one small problem. With text areas, the drag arrows only appear when the mouse is positioned over the original left/bottom margins; but not over the new positions after stretching.


Raik Jürgens

justin: got my mail? please mail me and save my mailadress, to prevent it from being recognized as spam.


Great and very usefull extension. Perfect for forums!!! I have some wishes…
Add some config dialog to chose which controls to resize. For example, I would like to resize only edit controls. I don’t like resizing combo boxes or other controls.


While I appreciate ‘you’ upgrading an abandoned extension, I wish ‘you guys’ would use a unique GUID so that your version doesn’t “update” an extension that was working with no problems and didn’t really need more than a ‘bump’.
Please, when you take ownership use a new GUID.


I love this product. Version 0.2.4 has handled those few sites that have had problems, such as yahoo mail, and vBulletin forums.

The name change from textarea to form fields is probably NOT intended to imply that you can change the size of radio buttons. It’s just intended to help folkls kow what this does even if they don’t know the word “TextArea”



I LOVE this extension! Tiny text boxes (like this one!) have long driven me nuts… Now there’s at least partial reprieve. Thank you!

Can you add an option to disable resizing on textboxes and selects? Even if it’s hidden in about:config, I hate accidentally resizing one of those when I’m trying to click it :)

John M. Dlugosz

I just read that CSS3 (draft) has a property to specify that a thing is resizable. See

The example shows it applied to a DIV element. Perhaps you can pop the hood again, and work the magic on any element that has the ‘resize’ property set?

Raik Jürgens

“DRAFT” that means “concept” or “plan”
CSS3 will be supportet by NO browser a.t.m.
does it work in YOUR firefox? for me not.

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The “Resizable Form Fields” extension was shown as an update of the “Resizeable Textarea” and so I’ve made the update to the new version.
But in the new version it is possible to make Dropdown fields bigger or smaller, but no settings, where is can disable this feature.
Please can you also add a settings-list where the user can select, which kind of fields he want to change?
Kind regards, edc

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You don’t have to go through all the firefox bullcrap of Edit options and allow. Just drag the link to the xpi into your address bar!


why does it show up as version 0.2.1, despite being 0.2.4. as somebody noted below it overwrites the older extension but obviously not the version info



the version number is correct after another restart

But it still doesn’t work with Gmail. :-( What’s the reason for that??

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Daniel LaLiberte

Very handy, thanks.

If a form field is close to the bottom or right edge of the window (or any scrolling area) then resizing should cause autoscrolling of the content. Otherwise, you can’t easily resize as needed.

Daniel LaLiberte

If you provide an option to enable resizing, it would very useful for developers if you could allow resizing of any element on the page.

It would be nice to highlight borders as well as changing the cursor, and maybe show the size somewhere.

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i m using a list box control on my site pages and this site is very smooth on Internet Explorer but i have problem in my site when i open my site in Fire Fox because in fire fox my page contain list box and these list box size is damaged when a page is load please give me solution control listbox size problem .

C. Vaughn

Hi, I downloaded Resizable Form Fields 0.2.4 on the recommendation of the editors at LifeHacker, but the preferences button is grayed out in the Add-ons list. I’m on an Intel iMac running Mac OS X 10.4.9. Does this extension work with Macs? Thanks!


hi justin, i’d like to thank you for this fine extension! thank you. it helps a lot.
but on this page, it does not work
its not possible to resize any field. is this a bug? maybe you can check this, if you got some time.

anyway, thanks again for the good work!

loth: the R.F.F. extension does work fine for me on the page you list. what version of firefox are you running?


john manoogian III: Build identifier: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; de-DE; rv: Gecko/2007051502 Firefox/ Mnenhy/
unfortunately, some more sites do not work now, but sites, i remember they worked before. so it could be a versionchange in one of the other extensions i use too. (i use about 30, so no chance to mention them here :)


hmm. first i found out, that i had an old version 0.2.1 and firefox did not automaticly update to the 0.2.4
after deinstalling the old and reinstalling the new version, this problem might be solved :-)

but to report in full, i just write this for information reasons (and will be reporting too, if the problem is not gone):
i only had two tabs open in firefox.
one with a textarea from a forum where i was typing, and one with
i tried to change the size of the forum textarea, but nothing happens.
then, i switched to the leo-tab and saw that *this* text-field was changed.
so this could be the problem, i posted earlier, but how to prevent this? ;-)
please let me know, how i can help (maybe by sending you the list of all used plugins i have?)


Please make an option to disable this for certain form elements, especially pull-down (select) lists, which are annoying when accidentally resized (since the pull-down control never comes back).

Great extension! I just have one suggestion to make: To have the option to choose what elements we want to change. For instance I might want to be able change textareas but not drop down boxes (I actually change them unintentionally and that is annoying) Or better.. since the dropdown are changed to select boxes, why not have the option to change select boxes to dropdowns?


Resizeable Form Fields creates a very big grey status row. I use Firefox german and when I deactivated Resizeable Form Fields I have a normal status row.

It would be nice to solve this problem.

Thank you

Rob Woolley

This extension is great. It was exactly what I was looked for and really brightens my day.


iframes is going down when i resize the browser


could you make this extension compatible with Firefox 3 ?
I forced the activation on Firefox 3.0b1 and it seems detection of form fields work but I can no longer extend.
may be something else takes precedence and intercept the click event…


Very nice extension, i use 0.2.1 it since a long time.

I hope, now all textareas (or more) are resizeable.

Why on isnt the curretn version available?


1. The current version of ‘Resizable Form Fields’ is still not
available on Found this here by a fluke.
2. ‘Resizable Form Fields’ does not work correctly,
even version 0.2.4 has problens. Try to resize several
text-areas in different(!) tabs. Then try to re-resize the areas
once more. Somtimes it will work, but in other cases not.

If you need to resize text-areas only,
I recommend to use ‘Resizeable Textarea’ instead of
‘Resizable Form Fields’. Works always, even if you try to
re-resize in different tabs.


0.2.4 seems to fix some bugs since 0.2.1 – it would be good if was updated for other users.

Also, when I switch from tab with textarea and then return, I can no longer resize that textarea.



great extension!!!!

I wonder if you could try to test it on, would have to setup an account for free, it seems on the profile editing page it uses some ajax to modify text, and resizing doesn’t work on those textarea’s, they also have character limits, possible to set it up to detect such limits and expand the textarea automatically to match them?


Can this extension add the feature of modifying the max length of the flied .

When will the mozilla addon be updated with the latest version?

Shane Turner

A helpful hint to those who are waiting patiently for Firefox 3 support. As much of the functionality that I used has been pulled out as a Greasemonkey script by someone:

Other promising GM scripts are:


Raik Jürgens the original creator of this extension made an update :

Zito, thanks for the heads up. I’m going to close down my version of the plugin, which I’m not really interested in supporting, and point people to Raik’s latest and greatest.

I’m also closing comments on this post.

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