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Straight? Unhappy? Billboard Parody
Original image source: Exodus International, inspired by Michael.

I LOVE that parody is covered under fair use.

Update, March 2, 2006: I received a cease-and-desist letter from Liberty Counsel on behalf of Exodus International requesting that I take this image down.

Update, March 11, 2006: Friends and strangers on the internet take up the cause and start creating parodies of their own. I collected some of the best in my post, The viral parody.

Update, March 22, 2006: With legal representation from the ACLU and Fenwick & West, we responded to Liberty Counsel’s cease-and-desist letter. Worth a read.

Update, March 24, 2006: The story was covered in the local and national news.

Update, March 25, 2010: The webpage where I got the original billboard photo has been moved here: National Ex-Gay Ministry Sponsors Orlando Billboard Ad: Billboard Targets Individuals Unhappy in Homosexuality. However, you’ll notice that they’ve removed the photo from the page, so here’s a copy for posterity.

Update, June 20, 2013: 8 years after posting this parody, I just learned that Exodus International plans to shut down, with leader Alan Chambers apologizing to the gay community. See: SFGate, NY Daily News, LA Times,, Huffington Post for more.

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