editplus customizations faq

update: this faq is no longer being updated. instead i’ve opted to set up the editplus wiki as a community collaborative resource for editplus. the current wiki-fied faq is available here.

this faq is for editplus 2, a text editor which i use for all my html, css, javascript, php, and sql coding, as well as note-taking and todo list-making.

how do i make editplus open with a blank document?

goto Tools > Preferences > General and check “Create new document on start up”

how do i change the output of the HTML toolbar buttons?

edit the htmlbar.acp file under Program Files\EditPlus 2

how do i change the default HTML template?

edit the template.html file under Program Files\EditPlus 2

how do i add PHP to the list under File > New?

  1. create a new file called template.php and save it in Program Files\EditPlus 2
  2. select File > New > Configure Templates
  3. click Add, set “Menu text” to PHP and set the “File path” to the location of template.php

how do i make the HTML toolbar appear when editing a CSS file?

  1. goto Tools > Preferences > Settings & syntax
  2. select CSS under “File types” and check “Show HTML toolbar”

how do i make editplus correctly highlight strings in PHP that contain carriage returns/line feeds?

  1. edit php.stx under Program Files\EditPlus 2

how do i make editplus correctly highlight php heredoc strings?

  1. edit php.stx under Program Files\EditPlus 2
  2. add the following lines, where EOF is the heredoc identifer you plan to use in your php files. alternatively you can leave out the EOF if you don’t plan on having any semicolons in your heredoc strings


  3. save php.stx
  4. select Document > Refresh STX/ACP
  5. select Tools > Preferences > Settings & syntax
  6. select “PHP” under File types
  7. select the “Syntax color” tab
  8. make “Block Comment 2″ the same color as Quotation and Quotation 2 (magenta is the default) or choose a unique color for heredoc strings

how do i make the Document Selector toolbar two rows high?

  1. right click on the Document Selector toolbar
  2. select “Options…” and set the “Number of rows” to 2

other configuration suggestions:



Do many people read your techie blogs?

haha. every once and a while i like to post something as reference because now each post gets a unique URL that I can link to or send to others. makes it easier for google to reference content on a single page rather than a whole month long archive.

When you are adding a tool with Tools->Preferences->User Tools, what does the option “Run as text filter” do? I’ve always been curions about that one.

honestly, i’ve never used the user tools, so… that would be a good question for the user group.

I actually use the User Tools constantly. They’re pretty useful for running batch files or scripts that process a given text file or a single string. For instance, I’ve got one set up which runs HTML Tidy that cleans up HTML. I only have to hit CTRL+1 and my file is cleaned up. Most of my user tools just run on the whole file. However, you can run on the current word, current selection,etc. The text filter option would apply for if you wanted to, say take a current string and add escaping slashes to it. Just highlight the string, and run the user tool that adds slashes to a string.


For more info on editplus go to http://www.editplus.info/

Also, the text filter basically takes the content that would normally be output to the dos prompt and replaces the contents of your file with it (or selection as J was saying).


Really nice faq. Helped me when i really needed it :)


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