The 2013 and 2014 Photo Books

Usually I aim to create our annual photo book between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I fell behind the last two years. 2013 lay half-finished, and I hadn’t even started 2014. A few words of encouragement from family motivated me to restart the project. Over the course of two weeks in June, I spent every free moment putting them together.

Translating the English captions into French is the hardest and last task required to complete the books. Not only was Stephanie swamped with summer school at the time, but translation stands out as one of her least favorite things. So for the first time I used Fiverr to hire someone to do it for us. It only cost $30 to translate both books, but not having to coerce Stephanie into doing it was priceless. And it meant we were able to get them printed just in time to bring with us to France. Onto 2015!

Photo Books 2007 to 2014
Eight years of photo books (2007–2014)

A look inside the 2013 photo book
A selfie from 2013, taken on The Lost Coast
A look inside the 2014 photo book
A selfie from 2014, taken on The Rae Lakes Loop

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