Enjoyed this comment by Jeffrey Stevens on part II of Mike’s The Two-Lens Kit:

Personally I think 2 lens kit’s are so “early” 21st century. I personally would use 4 Pentax KX’s. One in Blue, Black, White, and Red. 4 Primes, 15mm Limited(on the blue body), 21mm Limited (On the white body), 40mm Limited(on the black body), 77mm Limited(on the red body). The four bodies cost less then 1 D700 and weigh only slightly more then 1 D700 with grip. The 4 lenses weigh less then the 24-70 AFS. Need a wide shot, grab the blue one, want to walk around, grab the white or black. Portraits, grab the red body. Going for a job, well all 4 fit perfectly in a Think Tank Urban Disguise 40.

I’ve used the 35mm macro on my K-7 exclusively (for almost a year now), and though I originally thought I wanted to complement it with the 15mm, lately I’ve been thinking the 21mm is probably more my optimal focal length for APS-C (and is lighter to boot). Or another way of thinking about it: 35mm for indoors, 21mm for outdoors.

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