From Le Cannet to Valence

On Wednesday, we woke up in Le Cannet, had lunch in Pertuis, nougat in Montelimar, dinner in Le Teil, and went to bed in Valence. I may return from France 10 pounds heavier.

Map from Le Cannet to Pertuis to Le Teil to Valence
Map from Le Cannet to Pertuis to Le Teil to Valence

Lunch was with Stephanie’s Aunt Chantal, in the house where her grandmother used to live, before she passed away last year. Jean-Claude fired up the barbecue and cooked up some french-style pork ribs which we had with haricots verts (green beans), pastis, wine, cheese, and bread. Later Stephanie’s cousin Severine and son Theo joined us, who we’d visited during our first trip to Pertuis (together) two and a half years ago.

Nougat was at the Arnaud Soubeyran Factory and Museum. We learned how nougat is made, predominantly honey, egg whites, almonds, and we tasted several different varieties.

Dinner was with Sabine’s family: mom, dad, brother, brother’s girlfriend, brother’s girlfriend’s daughter, and of course Sabine. We had a salad with magret de canard and tomatoes, steak with potato gratin, a tasting of Stephanie’s Camembert, and an apple cake with whipped cream. Oh mon dieu. As they say in French, my back teeth were swimming.

We arrived in Valence at Jean-Claude and Sabine’s apartment quite late, and tout la monde collapsed.

Pastis before
Pastis before water is added
Pastis after
Pastis after water is added
Group shot in Pertuis: Chantal, Stephanie, Justin, Jean-Claude, Severine, Theo
Pertuis famille: Chantal, Stephanie, Justin, Jean-Claude, Severine, and Theo
View looking out over Le Teil, France
Looking out over Le Teil

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