At Free Culture 2008, sort of liveblogging

It’s been 3 years since I’ve spontaneously up and attended a conference semi-related to my sphere of interests, taking advantage of the Bay Area’s hotbeddedness. I read about “Free Culture 2008” on Boing Boing this week. And now I am here. Just taking a pause for lunch and some internets.

So I’m going just haphazardly write down my notes from this point forward.

The Star-spangled Banner melody is based on The Anacreontick Song, an old British drinking song

DJ Ripley played some Baltimore Club Music samples (requires 2 breaks: sing sing and think)

Does sampling = infringement? WE DON’T KNOW.

Global Lives Project

OKAPI – remixing archeology – Museum CMS – tagging artworks

Lessig is up next.

Importance of amateur culture (John Phillips Sousa)

Creative Commons announcing something on Oct 15

Wall Street Journal included a 2000 word excerpt form Larry’s latest book, Remix, BUT they titled it “In Defense of Piracy” much to his chagrin

Free Culture: it’s not about/for me – it’s for our culture

Lawyers spend all of their time questioning the law – don’t treat it as god’s given word

“Hegemony through verbosity” is the new security through obscurity – you can download the raw data (like wikipedia)

(open government open source hacking)

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