The flowers of Dipsea

Dipsea sign and stairs

This afternoon I hiked up the famous Dipsea trail, which starts in Mill Valley and ends 7 miles later at Stinson Beach. I would have liked to make it all the way to Stinson, but of course then I’d be 7 miles from my scooter, so I hiked in for about two hours, then I turned around at the Ben Johnson trail and hiked all the way back.

Dipsea trail map, through Muir Woods

The Dipsea had been through a rough winter: a pretty significant landslide wiped out one section (and the road above it), and a foot bridge over Canyon Creek got washed out. Luckily it wasn’t enough to stop me, I managed to scramble around the various hazards, and continue on my way.

I took a bunch of photos, but by and large I ended up focusing on the recently blooming spring flowers. I can identify the poppies, but if anyone knows the names of the others, please leave a comment.

little blue flower
white flowers
orange poppy
orange flower
yellow poppies
white flowers with veined petals
orange poppy furled

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