My small contribution to green building in Chapel Hill

Last August, as in August of 2006, I got an email out of the blue from a freelance graphic designer in North Carolina named Tony Burden. He was searching for some photos to use in a brochure for a green building development called Greenbridge and stumbled upon some pictures I’d taken in and around Chapel Hill (Fall, Winter, and Spring). He was writing to let me know how much he appreciated my images (and my having released them into the public domain), and that he’d chosen five to include in his design.

This is probably my favorite thing about the internet.

I held off on posting anything until after the project was formally announced—but I never got around to it because I’d just moved to San Francisco at the time. Fast forward to two days ago, and I got a surprise package in the mail. On top was a letter, part of which read:

Congratulations on the new camera! Your 10/29 post about the new Canon A570 IS was the kick-in-the-ass it finally took to get these out to you. And with the brochures, please find a check in nominal “appreciation” (although my appreciation is great) for use of your Chapel Hill images in the Greenbridge brochure.

Damn, that post struck a nerve! People are passionate about photography. Enclosed was a generous check, as well as several copies of his brochure featuring my photos. Thank you Tony.

photo of the Greenbridge brochure showing three of my photos of Chapel Hill

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