How to fix Eye of Gnome’s photo orientation in Ubuntu Feisty

After upgrading to Ubuntu Feisty Fawn, I discovered that Eye of Gnome (v2.18.1) no longer displayed vertical photos imported with Edgy Eft (or before) vertically. This seriously cramped my photo-reviewing style.

Eye of Gnome displaying a vertical photo imported with Edgy Eft horizontally

Curiously, Nautilus didn’t break a sweat:

Nautilus in Ubuntu Feisty Fawn displaying a thumbnail of a photo imported with Edgy Eft with the correct vertical orientation

Taking a look at Eye of Gnome’s preferences, I found an “Automatic orientation” option checked.

Eye of Gnome's preferences

Seemed like that’s what I wanted. But I unchecked it just to see what would happen. Nothing. Until I opened a new instance of Eye of Gnome. Problem solved.

Eye of Gnome in Ubuntu Feisty Fawn (with Automatic Orientation off) displaying a vertical photo imported with Edgy Eft vertically

The good news is this fix doesn’t seem to affect images imported after upgrading to Feisty Fawn—which I’m assuming is due to the new “Rotate images physically” option in the photo importer.

Photo importer in Ubuntu Feisty Fawn showing the new Rotate images physically checkbox

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