Argh, something is wrong with either Dreamhost or Blogger, because I’ve not been able to successfully publish my neatlinks since Sunday morning. (23-Aug-2005)

I think Dreamhost may have updated their systems in such a way that it’s locking out some SSH/SFTP connections. My Windows-based ssh client (SecureCRT) won’t connect, but my SFTP client (WinSCP) works like a charm. Commandline ssh clients seem to work but Blogger bombs with the following message: 005 Unable to connect to SFTP server: Auth fail.

Update (25-Aug-2005): After searching for the particular error message I was getting with I try to log on with SecureCRT (Unable to authenticate using any of the configured authentication methods), it appears that after Dreamhost updated Debian over on Monday, their OpenSSH settings got munged and PasswordAuthentication is no longer set to yes.

I’ve been back and forth with their customer service all week, and it was not until I pointed out that my problems coincided with their announced OS upgrade did they begin to take me seriously. This may warrant a longer followup post later depending on how/if/when things are resolved. As it stands, Blogger is still unable to SFTP to my Dreamhost account. And I’ve got a week’s backlog of neatlinks stuck in web application purgatory.

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