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Man, I shoulda went to Gnomedex. RSS, err, I mean syndication was all the rage.

Dare Obasanjo notes that Mark Fletcher of Bloglines…pleaded with the audience to stop the practice of providing the same feed in multiple formats. Having the same feed in multiple syndication formats confuses end users who are trying to subscribe to the feed and leads to duplicate items showing up in search engines that specialize in syndication formats like PubSub, Feedster or the Bloglines search features.

And another great quote from Dare on ads in feeds:

Scott Rafer of Feedster said that he agreed with Microsoft’s presentation from the previous day that Subscribing is a new paradigm that has come after Browsing and Searching for content. Although we have figured out how to provide ads to support Browse & Search scenarios we are still experimenting with how to provide ads to support the Subscribe scenarios.

This post first appeared on From the Belly of the Beasts, a weblog from some of the people who build O’Reilly websites.

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