one laptoper among many

the yardhouse

last night patrick and i made our way out to the yardhouse (thanks corey!), just two blocks from the hotel, where they serve draught beers in glasses a half-yard and a full yard tall–in addition to pints and steins. patrick managed to put away two (half yards), i stuck with one rogue dead guy ale, fully accepting the fact that during this trip patrick can (and will) drink me under the table.

by the time we got back to the hotel it was around 11pm local time–or 2am est. we were done.

etech day one

the morning’s tutorial on web services was ok. it didn’t seem very “emerging” as much as “summarizing.” that said, the lead developer of flickr (everyone’s FAVORITE app) and one of the developers of 43things were on the panel. they took a shot of the audience and i annotated it.

took a walk in the sun to check out the nearby water with patrick and made it back just in time for the atom talk by a bekilted ben hammersley. which i thought was quite good, definitely enlightening.

after a break of laptoping, we listened to brendan eich talk about all things mozilla for an hour and a half. lots of good stuff there.

bumped into paul jones and dan gillmor in the lobby on the way out to find dinner. enticed paul with the promise of food, gorged ourselves on curry, caught up on the latest unc tech gossip, and rolled ourselves back to the hotel, where i find myself now.

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