seeking partner for programming

i enjoy working on projects where the interaction i have with people demonstrates to me that they care about what i’m doing.

i’ve happily worked on measure’s databases for so long because i usually get instant feedback from my boss and co-workers about what works and what doesn’t. though that’s entirely satisfying, i want to work on some new projects, several of my own design, which lack that feedback loop to urge me on.

i’ve heard and thus pondered on occasion about extreme programming (XP), a funny name for a practice that boils down to writing code in pairs: one person drives, types, and programs while the other analyzes, revises, and navigates.

always one step ahead, wired published an article this month entitled, “The New X-Men,” about two pairs of programmers at hp who love XP, as well as some others who don’t. it provides a readable introduction, and seems to capture what i feel i’m most missing in my present work.

of the twelve “rules” of extreme programming (from the wired article), i’ve exerpted the six most meaningful to me:

  1. Small Releases Put a simple system into production quickly, then release new versions on a short cycle.
  2. Metaphor Create an analogy that expresses how the parts of the new system work.
  3. Simple design Design simply, and remove complexity at every stage.
  4. Refactoring Edit the code to simplify, add flexibility, or remove redundancy.
  5. Pair Programming Write all code with two programmers at one machine.
  6. Coding Standards Use agreed-upon styles and nomenclature to promote easy understanding of what the code does.

i agree that it seems faddish taken altogether and not appropriate for all people or projects, but right now i’d die for that kind of interactivity so that i might sustain my grand web database/intranet/digital library plans. plus i almost have the power to hire someone into that role.

know anyone who’s interested?

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