like a warm laptop on cold toes

how voyeuristic to see myself in a photo i didn’t know was being taken.

justin taking a picture on the coast in tanzania

it’s easy to forget what your body looks like, especially when you’re doing some idiosyncratic thing like scanning the horizon for an interesting photo. catherine took this during the same outing as the two photos below. it seemed like it was going to be overcast and stormy, but the clouds stayed out at sea, affording us some very dramatic lighting conditions.

well, i’m back at the hotel from the last full day at the office. friday is a local holiday, and the office only works half days on the last day of the week, so tomorrow is a sort of day that doesn’t count.

today we showed everyone how easy it is to export data from the database and create graphs, which I hope entices them to actually interact with it when we leave. i’ve also ventured into the usability quagmire of right-click context menus, as a way to remove the button-clutter for infrequent functions.

so i don’t actually leave town until late late saturday night, getting into chapel hill sunday evening courtesy of favorable time zones. between now and then, i just don’t know what i’m going to do (read: hang out at the pool).

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