i need to go get some dinner, but…

i wanted to say hi to my blog, which i know misses me.

dear blog,

i’m in dar (that’s what the cool kids call it). i went to work today. 8 to 5, hellyeah! i’m itching because i sat out at the pool with jean and marianne the day before i left for real and my shoulders got kind of red. or perhaps i’ve caught some kind of awful african skin disease.

i’m working on my database again. which really means i’m working on the people working on my database.

the weather is much cooler now than it was back in march. the buffet breakfast still has a pot of bacon along with fresh fruit. and they still make eggs for me (scrambled) with rather pale yolks. did i mention the pot o’ bacon? or that their orange juice is kind of pale too? it occurred to me en route (probably about the only thing that occurred to me en route) that “hinge” rhymes with “orange”.

ok, blog, i’ve definitely got to find something to eat. preferably something with a view of the indian ocean…

peace out.


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