i’m sitting on my new couch. the cushions are all firm and new–they need to be broken in some, i think. and i need some throw pillows. the color is almost a bluish charcoal, depending on the light. the guys who delivered them couldn’t get them in through the front door, the hallway was too small. thank god for the back door. i am not used to having such large stuff. when we first started moving things over, i was completely unprepared for almost not being able to get my mattress upstairs. (by ‘almost’ i mean not without bending the mattress into a U-shape and pushing it up the stairs with all my strength.)

now that there’s something in the living room to sit on, not having a tv is conceivable again. especially since my optimal tv would be one of those $4,000 32inch LCD things.

i am entering that part of summer where i seem to be thinking a lot about things that might affect what i end up doing next. and i’ve got a cold. so i’ve kind of been ruminating and sniffling. and then shopping for home furnishings online. and then hanging out with friends. and then ruminating again.

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