break from studying for my cognitive science final

just wanted to take a break from studying for my cognitive science final exam to discuss how i am studying for my final exam.

our midterm essentially consisted of identifications and definitions, so i kind of know what i’m up against. the prof had the class over two periods come up with a list of important topics we’ve gone over in the last half of the semester, so i know exactly what to study.

and i am looking everything up on google. even better, for the specific, but not too specific terms and concepts, i am loving google glossary–which is something everyone should check out.

so i’ve compiled a pretty good bunch of notes, a few images, and i may even read through everything right before the test, but essentially the act of searching for and compiling the short descriptions of the various concepts was the plan. i’m hoping it should help me commit enough to memory for the hour long test.

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