mountain biking

i have discovered something new: mountain biking. friend christen took me out on some wicked trails off estes drive the other day, and i’m totally hooked. went out again today to see if i could retrace the route we’d taken…

stand still

so i’m at strong’s, sorta kinda doing some homework, and up comes a person i recognize from a creative writing class i took some years ago. and she asks me if i can remember a poem i brought in once…

Christmas Y2K

the parents got me a cool digital camera for my 21st bday—these are some of the first shots I took with it Note: these pictures are from December 2000, but I didn’t put them online until October 2002. the big…

Winter in Chapel Hill

first shots taken back in chapel hill pretty shot of west franklin st

Coker Arboretum Flowers

These photos were taken around UNC’s Coker Arboretum. Daffodils at Night

Spring in Chapel Hill

Some gorgeous pictures of the UNC campus in Spring. Note: I took these photos in April 2001 (in my 3rd year as an undergraduate), but I didn’t put them online until October 2002. Shadows in “The Pit”

Matthew’s High School Graduation

with the whole family! papa, grandmommy, mom, matthew, casey, aunt betsey, uncle bob, katie, justin, dad, whitney, patrick, uncle tom, aunt melanie Note: Matthew graduated in May 2001, but I didn’t post this until a year later. Note: These photos…

Random photos of the sky

the nice thing about digital cameras: you never worry about wasting money on film or photo development. so go head, take a picture of the sky. of course some of these were taken in the sky.

Outward Bound

ever since my family vacations to maine, i’ve wanted to go back and do some serious kayaking. so for 8 days in july 2001, i did just that, at the hurricane island outward bound school.

Fall in Chapel Hill

McCorkle Place

Washington DC

drove up to washington dc (January 2002) in a snow/ice storm to see the sights the capitol building

Scenes from Almaty, Kazakhstan

I traveled to Almaty, Kazakhstan for work in April and August of 2002. The following are a collection of photos from both trips. mountains, tv tower at dawn

Spencer Dorm-era Justin

some pictures are just not easily attached to events or categories, but still, i believe, need to be seen justin looking hot

Spring Break New Orleans 2001

new orleans sign

cooking potatoes

this weekend i have come to adore potatoes sauteed in a little olive oil, with some herbs, garlic, and sea salt. of course if you roast some chicken alongside and maybe cook some asparagus, well that’s good too.

a day in the life of justin

wake at 4am catch flight to new orleans at 7am 2hr lunch at commander’s palace in meetings from 3-6pm hotel internet from 6-9pm 9pm dinner at peristyle

home from new orleans

so here i am, home from new orleans, feeling like a little unfiltered stream of consciousness to end the day. yesterday i woke in chapel hill and flew to new orleans for lunch. did some work and had an amazing…


in may 2002, i graduated from the university of north carolina at chapel hill. these are the pictures to prove it! the graduates filing in