AuckLAND ho!

At long last, after 28 days aboard the Cap Cleveland and 6,785 nautical miles logged across the Pacific Ocean, we are docked at the Port of Auckland, New Zealand. Final latitude and longitude: 36°50’31.41″S 174°46’59.51″E.

Last night the pilot was supposed come at 10:30. When we felt that we weren’t moving at 11, we went up to the bridge to check on the status. The time had been moved back to 12:30am due to a broken crane, and there’d be at least an hour of piloting. We wouldn’t be docked until 2am at the earliest. We could see the lights of Auckland on the horizon, but we were still quite a ways away. So we went to bed.

Just after 7am this morning we were woken by the phone ringing: customs was on board. We groggily pulled some clothes on and went down to the Poop deck with our passports. We filled out arrival cards, declared our surplus of Mojo bars, and were given our three month visa stamps. That was it, we were good to go.

The ship will be docked all day. The crew is looking forward to some much needed shore leave this afternoon, so we’ll say our final goodbyes and head out with them after lunch.

First sight of New Zealand (Cuvier Island) from the Cap Cleveland
Monday 2:30pm: First sight of New Zealand! (Cuvier Island)

Panorama from the starboard wing of the bridge of the Cap Cleveland as we round Cape Colville

Monday 4:30pm: Panorama from the starboard wing of the bridge as we round the Coromandel Peninsula. Auckland is still out of sight.

Cap Cleveland waiting for the pilot in the bay of Auckland
Monday 7:00pm: Waiting for the pilot

First New Zealand sunset taken from the Cap Cleveland
Monday 7:30pm: First New Zealand sunset (from the ship)

First sight of Auckland, from the bridge of the Cap Cleveland
Tuesday 8:30am: First sight of Auckland

Downtown Auckland, New Zealand from the Cap Cleveland
Tuesday 8:31am: Second sight of Auckland

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