Change your AIM password without AIM

AIM logoLike half the world, I’ve got an AOL Instant Messenger account, but I never use AIM to access it, because I don’t want AIM to crude up my computer with icons and ads and DLLs.

GAIM logoSo I use the ad-free, open source, and featureful GAIM instant messaging client (now called Pidgin), partly because I like knowing that I’m chatting privately with OTR encryption.

But I’ve been wanting to change my password. And my contact email address while I’m at it. After a little Googling, I discover that all of AOL’s online help docs seem to imply that this can only be done through the AIM client. Err.

So I go through the trouble of downloading and installing AIM, select My AIM > Edit Options > Change Password, and what does it do? It launches Firefox and takes me to a freaking website! Why couldn’t they just have pointed me there in the first place?!

So in case anyone on the intarweb ever wants to change their AIM password or contact email, here’s the URL of the website in order to do so:

Update: to all the people who’ve left comments saying you don’t have access to/don’t remember the email address associated with your account, you don’t remember the password associated with your account, and you don’t remember the answer to the security question, you are “up shit creek without a paddle” so to speak. Because at this point there is no way you can validate that the screen name you’re claiming is yours is actually yours. Your best bet? Create a new account. They’re free.

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