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"The secret to not getting burned out is to play at working hard, and not taking things too seriously." - Linus Torvalds

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hi. my name is justin. I came to carolina from austin, texas, and before that, I lived in poughkeepsie, ny. right now I am doing a bit with computers, especially information science and web design, but I also like to draw, and a few years back, I even did some bronze sculpture. from time to time I like to write and when I lived at home, I really loved to cook. when I grow up, I would like to do something challenging and creative, something that helps others, and something that changes the way people look at or interact with the world. I would also like to kayak on the weekends and smoke pork ribs over mesquite chips.

I took some pictures of the UNC campus with a digital camera. Click reload several times for a new pictures and a corresponding caption. Enjoy.

web topics of interest
web technologies:
html + css + dhtml + javascript + http
xml + java + servlets + jsp
server technologies:
linux/unix + systems administration
apache + ssi + php + mysql + samba
networking technologies:
ethernet + tcp/ip + switches
programming technologies:
python + java + c/c++ + perl + lisp + php
graphics/design technologies:
dreamweaver + fireworks + flash
photoshop + gimp + netpbm
web projects
 > underling: the club for undergraduate linguistics majors
 > north carolina center for economic empowerment
 > cws: carolina web servers
 > cws2: our first server!
 > nchcap: north carolina health careers access program
 > inls 184 resources
 > Understanding IP Addressing...
 > inls 183 project page: apache, php, mysql, samba
 > inls 90 writeups: linux and samba
 > the rcc lounge
 > unclutter your windows life
 > sophomore year home page (99-00)
 > freshman year home page (98-99)
Last Updated: January 29, 2010