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I like to go outdoors a lot. Primarily hiking, occasionally camping, and sometimes other fun activities.

Return of the Workation

At the beginning of the month, Sincerely returned to Maui for a weeklong “workation”, much like the year before. On our last day there, I organized a group hike up the Waiheʻe Ridge Trail—on the east side of West Maui. I took this photo near the end of the trail, looking towards Haleakalā.

Looking towards Haleakalā from the Waiheʻe Ridge Trail, Maui, Hawaii (Waihee Ridge Trail)
Haleakalā from the Waiheʻe Ridge Trail

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Golden Gate Bridge and Land’s End

This one didn’t quite fit into the triptych-diptych mold of the last post, but I liked it far too much to pass up. All these bridge photos were taken on a sunset sailing cruise that Stephanie and I took just after the New Year, a Christmas gift from her father.

Golden Gate Bridge and Land's End at sunset
Golden Gate Bridge and Land’s End at sunset

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Olive picking, encore

It happened back in November. This time most of the olives were black—which made them much easier to spot against the copious green leaves. Unfortunately a fair number had been infested by the olive fly—which we had to sort out as we picked. The reward was getting to take home bottles of olive oil made from the olives we’d picked the year before. Too cool.

Justin in the olive tree
I spent most of the day in the tree

Mostly black (purplish) olives with some green
The fruits of our labor

A mix of black, purple, and green olives
Melange of black, purple, and green

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

As part of our Thanksgiving desert pilgrimage, Stephanie and I drove down to Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument on the border with Mexico. The park protects the desert wilderness surrounding the northernmost range of the organ pipe cactus. We had just enough time to drive the mostly unpaved, 21-mile Ajo Mountain Drive, before heading back to Phoenix to catch our flight home to San Francisco.

Ajo Mountain Drive in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument
Ajo Mountain Drive

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