One big engine

We are currently at 36°23’30″S 175°35’45″E, approaching Auckland, New Zealand

The chief engineer took us on a tour of the Cap Cleveland’s engine room after lunch today. We had to wear earplugs because it’s so loud, thus the tour consisted of a lot of pointing followed by mumbled, inaudible words. In most cases there was a label on the piece of equipment that described what it does, and we’d nod in partial comprehension.

The main engine is a Hyundai B&W 7 K 80 MC-C, comprised of seven cylinders that pump out a whopping 25,228 kW of energy (34,300HP). In addition to the main engine, there are also all the other mechanical subsystems of the ship, such as water production and treatment, sewage treatment, air-conditioning, generators for electricity, pipes, pumps, and valves, oh my!

The Cap Cleveland engine control room
Engine control room

Workbench in the Cap Cleveland engine room

The Cap Cleveland engine
The engine

The Cap Cleveland engine
Overhead view of the engine room

The driveshaft of the Cap Cleveland engine
The visible (and spinning!) and driveshaft

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