Passing Tahiti

We are currently at 17°38.277’S 149°42.769’W, passing between the islands of Moorea and Tahiti. Last night we gained an hour, making the ship’s time UTC -10.

We last saw land on September 19th as we departed from Balboa after transiting the Panama Canal. It’s been eight full days of nothing but ocean, so we were excited to be within 3 nautical miles of Tahiti—even though we weren’t stopping. The outlines of the islands started to appear a little before two in the afternoon, so we went out to the port side of the ship and watched as Tahiti and the city of Papeete came into view.

Approaching Tahiti (left) and Moorea (faint, straight ahead)
Approaching Tahiti (left) and Moorea (faint, straight ahead)

Approaching the island of Tahiti by container ship panorama

Panorama of Tahiti

Papeete, Tahiti panorama

Panorama of Tahiti, with Papeete visible

Moorea Island
Looking back towards Moorea Island

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