No AJAX was harmed in the making of this design

My goodness, it’s been two years since I last shook things up here at Justinsomnia Industries. For two years, dear reader, you’ve suffered that indescribable background color, affectionately known as #ddddaa. Much more likely, you passed those many months by reading from the comfort of your warm, cozy feedreader.

Well out with the old and in with the new. Justinsomnia‘s going blue. It’s time to Shift+Reload your browsers.

I’m sticking with the three column InformationOverload™ design, but hopefully the darker page background with the lighter post background will soothe your fried retinas.

Jason Kottke‘s blog layout inspired the new minimalist header bar, and I dropped all that magical CSS that allowed the site to resize horizontally in some browsers. That allowed me to tweak some nitpicky alignment issues that’d been bugging me since I finally grokked the box model. Now the text width is the same width as the images.

And no blog redesign would be worth blogging about without some new features right? Less is more bedamned! And I’ve got some doozies. Two to be exact.

First, site-specific Google searches (using the search box in the upper right) now appear in the the style of my blog. That’s something I’ve wanted for ages. It’s SO awesome, I stayed up still 2am last night tweaking it.

And second, I installed Rob Marsh’s uber-cool Similar Posts plugin for WordPress which is dynamically generating a list of 5 related posts at the bottom of every permalink page. It’s surprisingly effective, and a totally addictive way to cruise my 5+ years of archives.

Of course there’s countless other changes here and there. I (re)categorized most of my old posts, and exposed links to the category archives at the bottom of each post. And last but not least, I’ve finally got a 404 page, which will generate a potentially helpful search link if you mistype the URL, e.g.

And that’s all folks. All I can remember.

Here’s a screenshot of the old design, for posterity.
Justinsomnia circa October 2007

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