Giving Ubuntu another go with Dapper Drake

Just 3 days after trying (and failing) to install Ubuntu’s Breezy Badger (v5.10) on my VIA EPIA ME6000, Dapper Drake was released (v6.06), so tonight I’m giving it another go. In order to sway things in Ubuntu’s favor, I’ve stretched an ethernet cable across the living room so at least I’d have an easier chance of getting an internet connection up and running.

Sam Ruby recently noted:

What hadn’t occurred to me — even though it is obvious in retrospect — is that I had a functional Ubuntu system available to me — even during the install.

It seems that this version merges their bootable Live CD option with the desktop install CD so that the installation process (now technically optional) actually happens from within a completely functional Ubuntu environment. I’m curious what this means for the Knoppix crowd? So before double-clicking the “Install Ubuntu” icon, I fired up Firefox and was able to visit Google and my blog. Really, what more does one need?

The first hiccup occured when I tried to set the system time. I selected the correct timezone and clicked the “Set Time” button, set the time, and the installation window would no longer let me click the “Forward” button to continue. I couldn’t tab between buttons, I couldn’t click on anything within the window. All I could do was move the window, maximize it, or minimize it. I couldn’t even close it. Errr. At least it hadn’t locked up. So I restarted the system.

Now I’m giving it a second try. This time I’m not going to change the time—which at least is now set correctly. I got through all the initial installation configuration steps, but at some point during the erase hard disks and repartitioning step, I got the following error:

Failed to create a file system

Hmm. Not good. So it prompted me to try again, and now the “Installed system” dialog box is stuck at 15%, at the Detecting filesystems… stage. I’m starting to believe something is actually wrong with my hardware—which is somewhat strange given that it’s pretty much been sitting untouched for the last year.

In the File Browser, when I try to access the hard drive, I get the following error:

Unable to mount the selected volume
error: device /dev/hda1 does not exist
error: could not execute pmount

Hmm. And this is the second hard drive I’ve tried in this machine. Given that the case pretty well compresses everthing when all put together, I’m starting to wonder whether there could be something wrong with the IDE cable. Perhaps one of the wires got pinched? It just seems strange given that I was able to install Breezy Badger on this drive the other day.

After switching out the hard drive, I’m now getting “Warning! CPU has been changed.” BIOS errors. Sheesh. I think something’s wrong and it’s not Ubuntu. Time to call it a night.

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