Using WordPress to create link farm

First known example, to me at least, of WordPress being used to generate some kind of link farm. sends pings back to the blogs it’s harvesting content from (in this case posts containing the word billboard) in order to generate incoming links back to, which would presumably raise its pagerank. But they’ve got no ads, and WordPress adds rel="external nofollow" to all pingback links. Hmm. Are they just stupid?

A Google search for bpseven, yields 600 results including,,,,,,,, etc. Heh.

Whois record for BPSEVEN.COM lists a whois obscuring service.

Registrant Contact: - Ref-R# 29709188
    Whois Protection Service        (
    623 Eagle Rock Avenue
    Suite #7
    West Orange
    Tel. +1.19737362545
    Fax. +1.19737361355

Hmm, time to send a quick note to’s Spam/Abuse form.

Update: Yay! :( There’s another WordPress-powered link farm:, whose whois record is also obscured by, who I’ve just sent another spam/abuse email to. At least it looks like is offline for the moment.

Update: Add this domain to the link farm nastiness: See a pattern? Of course it gets worse:

So far it’s been over a month and I’ve sent two three abuse emails to and gotten no response. My advice, avoid RegisterFly. They’ve proven to be both unresponsive and a harbor for blog spammers.

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