so i’ve started at o’reilly

monday was my first day as a senior web producer for the online publishing group at o’reilly. a producer is responsible for preparing an article for publication, which in the case of an online publication means preparing the content to go live on the site. the senior part really just means that i have relevant web and development experience. it also means that my responsibilities may involve some development related tasks once i’m comfortable with the basic production tasks.

image of a tarsier

at which point it might be wise to mention that o’reilly does a ton of online publishing. of course there are the book blurbs that you see at that site is divided up into categories (called resource centers) which i’ve often used to filter for the books i was interested in, especially

but you’ll notice on the right is a column with articles relevant to those resource centers. these articles are actually housed at a separate url/site/entity called the o’reilly network, located at the o’reilly network is an evolving collection of subject specific sites (or development centers) where articles are published daily on subjects relevant to linux, macs, windows, java, lamp, perl, etc. the o’reilly network is really the “baby” of the online publishing group.

it’s interesting to realize that a number of these “written for and produced by o’reilly” articles have burned up the web (you might have seen them linked to from boingboing or slashdot, for instance), such as Rolling with Ruby on Rails and Top Ten Digital Photography Tips. apparently what is rss? and what is xml? are some of the most popular articles ever.

what’s amazing is that all of these articles have editors who manage authors, graphic designers who develop graphics, producers who manage content, and copy editors who read everything over. at least that’s my cursory understanding after three days. coming from the near zen simplicity of blogging, it’s really quite an amazing production, with many people working together under deadline on each individual article.

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