6 linear feet

to hold most of my earthly possessions.
boxes in the abf u-pack truck

yesterday i started loading things into the trailer. today i took everything i’d put neatly along one side and started packing it as tightly as i could along the back, trying not to use more than my alloted 6 linear feet. the trailer is about 8′ wide and 10′ tall which means all my stuff should fit into 480 cubic feet of space.

notice the red 6 marked off at the top right. 6 linear feet is not as much space as you’d think, considering the trailer is 28′ long.

large things still not in this picture:

  • 7′ long sofa (visible in the bottom right)
  • matching armchair
  • 6 wooden dining chairs
  • 1 queen size mattress
  • 1 leather desk chair
  • 1 molded plywood chair
  • 1 mountain bike
  • 1 bike hitch rack
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